Important Steps Before the Packers Arrive


Though the Movers and packers services provide you a worry free, hassle free and smooth relocation facility and all you need to do is just enjoy your shifting process. But just few moves from your side before packers and movers arrive at your door step can make your relocation process more pleasant.

Dismantle your electronic gadgets like TV, stereos, CD players, computer, printers, radio antennas and other components for the move. Vacate, defrost and wash your refrigerator, inside panels, bottles and bottom pane 24 hours before moving and let them dry properly.

Drain all water and vacate hot tubs, bath tubs, waterbeds and allow them to dry. Disconnect all electronic appliances, remove and unplug them like window air conditioners. Dispose all the worn and torn clothes and other fabric items which you do not want to carry with you. Remove all the food from food containers that may spill or spoil during journey.

Separate all items of clothing, toys and other necessities which should be shipped with the rest of the household stuffs and keep them aside. All the important papers and documents which you will be carrying with yourself should be kept aside in a separate box with extra caution. Items of Sentimental value and other delicate items should be carried along with you if possible.

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