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Our new Rough Stock Log is complete and should be arriving from the printer in early January. Make sure you're a fan of Rodeo Logs on Facebook if you want to be the first to know when we start accepting orders. What's next? Anyone interested in a log book for Roping events? Leave a comment and let us know!


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London Plumbers, Plumbing in London, 24 Hour Plumber London - - London expert Plumbers!..
Plumbing (which comes from the Latin word plumbum, which implies lead, as pipes were once made from lead) is the job of working with pipes, tubing and plumbing fixtures for drinking water systems and getting rid of waste. A plumber is a person who puts or fixes in equipment like water heaters, plumbing fixtures and piping systems. Many plumbers are construction workers. The plumbing industry is an important part of every developed economy because people need clean water and safe ways to move and store waste.[1 -

Plumbing refers to a system of fixtures and pipes put in a building to move water and the get rid of waste that is in water. Plumbing is different from water and sewage systems because plumbing system serves one building, while water and sewage systems serve a group of buildings or a city.

Contents [hide -
1 History
2 Materials
3 Regulation
4 References
History[change | change source -

Roman lead pipe with a folded seam, at the Roman Baths in Bath, England
Until modern cities grew in the 19th century., plumbing was rare At about the same time, public health leaders began wanting better systems to get cleared of waste. Before this, people got rid of waste by dumping it onto the ground or into rivers and collecting it. However, there were some plumbing pipes in the city settlements of the Indus Valley Civilization by 2700 B.C.[2 - Plumbing was also used during the ancient civilizations such as the Greek, Roman, Persian, Indian, and Chinese civilizations as they built public baths and needed drinking water, and somewhere to drain waste. The Romans used pipe inscriptions to stop people from stealing water.

These systems didn't improve much over the years. There were no improvements from the time of the Roman aqueducts and sewers until the 19th century. Eventually open sewage ditches were got rid of by the development of separate, underground water and sewage systems and cesspools. Most large cities today send solid wastes through pipes to sewage treatment plants. Treatment separates water from waste and makes the water more pure before it goes into streams or other bodies of water. Most places stopped using lead for drinking water after World War II because of the dangers of lead poisoning. At this time, copper piping was started because it was safer than using lead pipes.[3 -

Materials[change | change source -
Water systems in ancient times used gravity to move water. They used pipes or channels usually made of bamboo, lead, clay or stone. Today, water-supply systems use a network of high-pressure pumps, and pipes are now made of copper,[4 - brass, plastic, or other material that is nontoxic. Vent and drain lines are made of plastic, steel, cast-iron, and lead. Lead is not used in pipes today because it can be poisonous.[5 - [6 - [7 -

Piping being placed for a sink

For working on pipes and fittings plumber wrench
The 'straight' sections of plumbing systems are of tube or pipe. Where a tube is made through extrusion, a pipe is made by casting or welding. Pipe usually has thicker walls and might be threaded or welded, where tubes have thinner walls, and needs special joining techniques like 'brazing', 'compression fitting', 'crimping', or for plastics, 'solvent welding'.

Along with the straight pipe or tubing, many fittings are required in plumbing systems, such as valves, elbows, tees, and unions.

Plumbing fixtures are designed. Some examples of fixtures include water closets (also known as toilets), urinals, bidets, showers, bathtubs, utility and kitchen sinks, drinking fountains, ice makers, humidifiers, air washers, fountains, and eye wash stations. -

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Glaziers Dalston, Hackney, E8, Glazing -
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the surname, see Glazier (surname).

A glazier at the job, 1946.

This Deutsche Bundespost postage stamp, issued in 1986, commemorates glaziers.
A glazier is a skilled tradesman responsible for cutting, installing, and removing cup (and materials used as substitutes for cup, such as some plastics).[1 - Glaziers may use glass in various materials and settings, such as home windows, doors, shower doors, skylights, storefronts, display cases, mirrors, facades, interior walls, ceilings, and tabletops.[1 - [2 -

Contents [hide -
1 Duties and tools
2 Education and training Glaziers Dalston, Hackney, E8, Glazing - More info!
3 Occupational hazards
4 In america
5 See also
6 Notes
7 External links
Duties and tools[edit -

A couple of glazier tools
The Occupational Perspective Handbook of the U.S. Division of Labor lists the next as typical jobs for a glazier:

Follow blueprints or specifications
Remove any broken or old glass before setting up replacement glass
Cut glass to the specified shape and size
Make or install sashes or moldings for cup installation
Fasten glass into frames or sashes with clips, moldings, or other styles of fasteners
Add weather seal or putty around pane edges to seal joints.[3 -
The National Occupational Analysis identified by the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship separates the trade into 5 prevents of skills, each with a summary of skills, and a list of tasks and subtasks a journeyman is likely to have the ability to accomplish:[4 -

Stop A - Occupational Skills

1. Uses and maintains equipment and tools

2. Organizes work

3. Performs routine activities

Block B - Commercial Door and Home window Systems

4. Fabricates commercial door and screen systems

5. Installs commercial windowpane and door systems

Stop C - Residential Door and Windows Systems

6. Installs residential home window systems

7. Installs home door systems

Block D - Specialty Products and Glass

8. Fabricates and installs area of expertise cup and products

9. Installs cup systems on vehicles

Stop E - Servicing

10. Services commercial door and home window systems

11. Services residential door and screen systems

12. Services area of expertise cup and products.

Tools utilized by glaziers "include cutting boards, glass-cutting cutting blades, straightedges, glazing knives, saws, drills, grinders, putty, and glazing substances."[1 -

Some glaziers work with cup in motor vehicles specifically; other work specifically with the security glass used in aircraft.[1 - [3 -

Education and training[edit -
Glaziers are typically educated at the senior high school diploma or comparative level and find out the abilities of the trade through an apprenticeship program, which in the U.S. is typically four years.[3 -

In the U.S., apprenticeship programs can be found through the National Cup Association as well as trade associations and local companies' associations. Construction-industry glaziers are generally members of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades.[1 -

In Ontario, Canada, apprenticeships are offered at the provincial level and qualified through the Ontario College of Trades.[5 -

Other provinces manage their own apprenticeship programs. -
The Trade of Glazier is a designated Red Seal Trade in Canada.[6 -

Occupational hazards[edit -
Occupational hazards encountered by glaziers include the risks of being cut by glass or tools and falling from scaffolds or ladders.[1 - [3 - The usage of heavy equipment could also cause injury: the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reported in 1990 that a journeyman glazier died within an industrial accident in Indiana after wanting to use a manlift to carry a thousand-pound case of cup that your manlift did not have capacity to carry.[7 -

In the United States[edit -
According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, there are a few 45,300 glaziers in the United States, with median pay of $38,410 per yr in 2014.[3 - Two-thirds of Glaziers work in the building blocks, structure, and building exterior contractors industry, with smaller amounts working in building materials and provides dealing, building finishing contracting, automotive maintenance and repair, and glass and cup product manufacturing.[2 - [3 -

Among the 50 states, only Connecticut and Florida require glaziers to hold a license.[3 -

See also[edit -
Architectural glass
Glazing in architecture
Insulated glazing
Stained glass
Glass manufacturing

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